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Mentoring programs


Boys Becoming Men

Boys to Men to Fishers of Men seeks to reach its goals by exposing  young men to swimming, fishing, boating, and the great outdoors.  Swimming, fishing and boating  all require physical and mental discipline.  It is our hope that through exposure to these sports youth will be catapulted down the right path.


Through the course of the program mentors and other volunteers will be able to meet and build relationships with the young men.  Our mentors have been vetted through Alabama’s CAN program and criminal background checks.  They have a passion for fishing and boating, and a desire to teach and mentor kids in this sport.  We use fishing and boating as the hook (excuse the pun) to gain the attention of the young men, and ultimately point them to Christ.  


Become A Mentor

if you would like to make a difference in the life of a young man, please consider volunteering with our organization.  Serving as a mentor is an experience that you will never forget!  


Men Becoming Fishers of Men

The Christian principles and values  learned in our program will not only ground these young men in love, but it will all teach them to care for the fellow man.  



Fisher Men Becoming Disciplers

With every good thing you do, you hope is to impact the future.  Boys to Men to Fishers of Men hopes that the Christian values it teaches will impact the future in such a way that the youth served will want to go out and share the good news with others.  


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